A more just society

The Principals of 4S Bay Partners LLC envision the future as a more just society. Valuing community first, we seek out opportunities that endeavor to lift up society and to see promises of change in our lifetime.

Our Mission

4S Bay Partners LLC is a single-family office that strives to eliminate prejudice and the inequities of our society.

Our Team

Our Single Family Office is a multi-layered organization with financial and organizational expertise. We provide customized solutions that allow the family to pursue their entrepreneurial goals and live with purpose, meaning, and connection to each other and the community.

Affiliate Companies

Our affiliate companies include the Julian Grace Foundation along with various media companies dedicated to creating meaningful content.

Our Departments

Our departments cover the full extent of our work, both internal and external.

Join Our Team

Our employees are supported through generous training and development budgets, personal goals, and a focus on employee health and wellness.