Jessica Sarowitz

Jessica Sarowitz

Managing Partner

"adding and advancing BIPOC leadership in private and philanthropic ventures"

Jessica Sarowitz is the Managing Partner of 4S Bay Partners LLC, a family office management company that oversees several private businesses, real estate, and investments in diverse industries such as domestic and international payroll, UK payroll, film-making, and commercial & residential real estate holdings. Jessica Sarowitz is also the co-founder and Managing Family Director of the Julian Grace Foundation, her family’s charitable foundation, which funds various philanthropic ventures through an entrepreneurial and social impact lens. 

She is uniquely focused on adding and advancing BIPOC leadership in private and philanthropic ventures. These ventures have included orphanages and clinics in Central America, innovative education programs for foster kids, state-of-the-art urban centers for arts and technology education, vocational workforce training centers and programs, environmental justice causes, the preservation of indigenous cultures, and various other educational and social justice programs. 

Mrs. Sarowitz is passionate about correcting the source of a problem in authentic partnership with communities in need; as well as providing people access to transformative opportunities and experiences. 

Jessica Sarowitz is also an avid tennis player and believes that a healthy lifestyle can fuel the mind and body to positive outcomes. Jessica Sarowitz graduated in 1991 from DePaul University with a degree in Economics. She sits on several boards including The Field Museum, Sierra Club Foundation, and Heart of the City.