Highland Park Strong: Resources for Our Community



It’s been three months since the tragic shooting at the Highland Park Independence Day Parade on July 4, 2022. Highland Park is home to the 4sBay Partners offices as well as the families of some on our team. Our community means the world to us, and we are heartbroken by this tragedy. As a community, we continue to feel grief for those who lost their lives or were injured, and our hearts continue to be with their loved ones.

Highland Park

There is no justification for acts of violence or lack of safety in any community. 

4S Bay Partners is committed to tackling the root causes of gun violence and inequity through our projects with community partners and our work with organizations on the ground; we make a point of listening to those in the community who know it well and do our best to amplify and support efforts that build toward both equity and safety for all.

As we remain steadfast in our mission to support our communities in this vital work, we are ensuring resources are made available for all who may need them now or in the future, and for all who share a desire to play an integral role in helping the community.

We will continue to advocate for everyone who experiences the trauma of violence and inequity in our society.

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