Investing in Solutions for Women



4S Bay Partners is proudly investing in solutions for women by supporting Aunt Flow — a company leading and reshaping the public narrative around positive and accessible health and wellness for women.

Aunt Flow’s mission is to provide better menstruation solutions to the world, creating a society where menstruation products are openly accessible and free for the public. The company’s proven impact — particularly regarding educating and promoting wellness for women — inspired 4S Bay Partners to invest in amplifying its mission.

Aunt Flow reports, “86% of women reportedly started their period in public without the supplies they needed.”

We recognize Aunt Flow as a company that walks the talk by providing free and necessary access to safe menstrual products and doubling down on its mission to make menstrual products accessible to all. In fact, for every ten products sold, Aunt Flow donates one product to an organization that supplies menstrual products to those in greatest need.

Many states are passing legislation requiring state-run facilities to provide free menstruation products and dispensers to the public. We are thrilled to see many of those states choosing Aunt Flow as their trusted partner in making these necessary changes. 

An adequate supply of safe and healthy menstrual products helps women recuperate from lost work hours and increases school attendance for young girls. 4S Bay is proudly investing in solutions for women by partnering with Aunt Flow — a trusted brand in educating young women about their menstrual journey.

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