Stocker Street Creative

Stocker Street Creative Building


Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Corridor, Los Angeles CA

Community Partners

Completion Date

end of 2024


Stocker Street Creative is a redevelopment project in the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw area of Los Angeles. The goal of the project is to build a community-focused creative campus that drives economic development through business incubation, high-quality film/TV studio production, innovative entertainment services, non-profit partnerships, and industry-specific professional development. The project will be a collaborative between top African American and diverse South Los Angeles development, design, construction, financial, business development, and social leaders with long-term and vested community interest in the development of the Stocker Street Creative Campus. The initial property consists of office buildings along West Stocker Street. The plans include a multi-use film studio, entertainment campus, and business incubator in line with 4S Bay’s social impact and community development mission to increase economic development with underserved and urban communities.

“building a community-focused creative campus that drives economic development in Southern Los Angeles”

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