The Ashland Project

1319 South Ashland Rendering


Chicago, IL

Community Partners

  • TBD

Completion Date

Mid 2024


The building, located on 1319 S Ashland Ave in Chicago, IL, has been acquired by 4S Bay Partners, and plans have been drafted to develop the building for the benefit of the greater Chicago community, specifically around the 1300 section of South Ashland Avenue. This project, currently moving forward with the working title “The Ashland Project”, will be a midrise building with basement parking, and will have commercial storefronts on the first floor, as well as tenant vanilla box spaces. Specifically, The Ashland Project will be 5 stories high, built with the highest sustainability considerations applied throughout the project, will have an open-air rooftop, will be approximately 80 feet in height, have a floor area of 48,000 square feet, and seeks to be an energy-efficient building. As the construction cost estimate and plans have both been drafted, the project is currently in the early stages of development as a real estate project. We hope to achieve substantial completion by continually monitoring the project timeline, labor, and materials, as well as working with the community stakeholders to achieve impact in the area that the building will serve. This opportunity is being pursued through the 4S Bay Ashland Opportunity LLC, which is part of the greater 4S Bay Partners family of projects. 

“acquiring and developing a building for the benefit of the greater Chicago community”

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