With This Light Premieres at Austin Film Festival



Jessica Sarowitz, Nicole Bernardi-Reis and Laura Bermudez at Austin Film Festival

4S Bay Partners is honored and excited to announce the premier of With This Light from Miraflores Films. With 4S Bay’s Jessica Sarowitz as Executive Producer and Nicole Bernardi-Reis and Laura Bermudez as Co-directors, the film debuted at the 2022 Austin Film Festival and won the Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature.

The film tells the story of Sister Maria Rosa Leggol’s 70-year journey as a San Franciscan nun and humanitarian, throughout which she helped over 87,000 Honduran children escape poverty and violence through an ecosystem of social, educational, and entrepreneurial projects — inspiring an international network of supporters to expand her work. Amid civil wars, economic collapse, and natural disasters, Sister Maria Rosa continued her charge to help young people break familial cycles of poverty and violence to create new paths to possibility and lives that allowed them to flourish. 

With This Light poetically and expertly interweaves the compelling present-day stories of several teenagers with the epic life and noble actions of Sister Maria Rosa.

“I will always need a lighthouse, a beacon of light because, with that light, I can get through to people to understand them, so I can help them, so they can have relief. My life is, how to relieve others? How can I make them feel, even a little bit, that God loves them?” 

— Sister Maria Rosa

4S Bay is proud to be part of this impactful film and is appreciative to Miraflores Films for its incredible work in the making of this documentary. Miraflores Films is a media company dedicated to amplifying the voices of inspiring women and BIPOC creators through quality documentary film. It strives to build space for those excluded from mainstream narratives to have their stories seen and heard. By sharing these untold stories of extraordinary lives and perseverance, it creates authentic connections with diverse audiences.

Visit www.withthislight.com to learn more about how you can support Sister Maria’s non-profit, Sociedad Amigos de los Ninos.

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